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Where should we go? What do we want to see and experience? Where haven’t we been yet? Is there anything we can skip for now? When we started planning our tour hundred of questions popped into our mind – and for sure the itinerary wasn’t the only thing. But answering all those questions is worth it, because step by step you get closer to your goal!

During two months of research, we changed and optimized the route until it was perfect for us. There was no option for booking one of these standard Around The World tickets that force you into specific destinations already. If we make the trip and realize this adventure, then of course we want to go to places, we have always dreamed of!

Choosing the right travel agency

There are many aspects that must be considered when planning: best travel period, convenient itinerary and of course the budget you can afford. We soon realized that the Around The World Ticket named “Global Explorer” was the perfect one for us.

“Global Explorer” – 39.000 miles & 16 stops

There are only two clear guidelines you have to follow. First: you can’t travel more than 39.000 miles. Second: you can insert a maximum of 16 stops (a step on mainland or sea counts as a flight). Many valuable and expert advices we got from the German travel agency GRÜSSE AUS ATLANTIS from Greifswald (GER – Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). The travel agent Maik works in this agency and he was always friendly and capable, responded quickly and gave us good advice. Even the price was fantastic compared to other offers we had. If we are getting in trouble during our trip, we easily can contact the travel agency Grüße aus Atlantis. Maik will manage everything regarding the flights and cars we booked with his help!

Our journey leads us in 18 countries on 5 continents

The start and the return of our trip are in Munich, our old homebase. Via London we fly to Vancouver – the first stop on our journey!

These countries we will visit on our trip around the world (July 2015) 

All flags: Wikipedia

 What should you put into your backpack on a journey like this?
Here you find our luggage list with many useful tips for your next trip!