Who is Simone?

P3080190_1024When I’m in one place for a longer period, I start getting nervous. Then I need to change something real quick, whether it’s a new job, a different city or go on a long trip. This time I’ll combine all at once and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming adventure! Born and raised in Austria, I always wanted to see something different – I wanted to explore the world! I have visited many countries before, but I’m sure there will be many I’ll never see. But at least with this great journey I’ll get closer to turn one of my dreams into reality. But what would be a dream if no one shares it with you? With Tobias I have found the perfect travel partner. The last year in my 20’s I will throw everything overboard and start something new. Ready, steady, go!!

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“The most important thing you should take with you traveling, is your smile” (Confuzius)

Who is Tobias?


I am an open minded, curious and restless guy from South Tyrol. Growing up in the Alps (South Tyrol is located in the north of Italy) I’ve always wanted away from home, what I first did when I was 14 years old. My parents live in a small village in the countryside. This place and also Bolzano, the capital city of South Tyrol, felt too tight and “too small” to me. I always wanted to experience new things and meet interesting, new people! In Munich I spent thrilling and exciting times in the media business. The moment I met Simone, it quickly became clear: together we go on a trip around the world! And now the time has come – we are on the road!
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Together we are…

… this website! Originally we wanted this blog to keep our friends and families up to date during our trip. An online blog is the easiest way to do that. When we set up the website, our thoughts went further: different ideas and possibilities came to our minds and we decided to share it with everyone, especially people who like traveling! Maybe our website inspires you to start a longer journey yourself? Break out of the daily grind for a while, leave everything behind and enjoy the freedom. Who knows what life is planning for you in the future?

Hopefully you have a lot of fun surfing on this website, we would be happy if you like our stories, our pictures and all the other stuff we share with you. If you just smile once reading an article here, it has been worth it!

So please enjoy reading, watching and commenting!

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